8244 Fraser Street

Vancouver, BC V5X 3X6

About Us

Vancouver Art Department was founded by Grant Harasyn and Tedd Kuchera, two local film industry veterans passionate about art, design and film. Grant is an Art Director turned General Manager of VAD, and Tedd is a Set Decorator who has decades of film and TV experience in Vancouver and abroad. Vancouver Art Department began life as SetDec.Net in a workshop space with only one printer, some tools, and some dedicated team work. 

Together they grew the business into a first choice manufacturer of set decoration pieces. As word got out, some of the job enquiries they got started to bleed into other areas of a production’s art department, and beyond. Grant and Tedd, never saying never, catered to the needs of prop masters, art directors, set decorators, teamsters and locations people. As their productions partners needs grew, it was becoming increasingly apparent that they needed a lot more technology, and a lot more people power. 

The Vancouver film industry is a tight knit community, and it brings the team and Vancouver Art Department enormous pleasure to be a part of that. At VAD, we see ourselves as an extension of your team, deeply invested in the outcome of your vision and the products we manufacture. Meet our team of dedicated people determined to do right by you and your production!